Trying out the Zoeva palett “The Basic Moment”.

Makeup has been something I don’t really care about up until recently when I truly needed the effect makeup can give. Because a truly good makeup, just as a pair of shoes, can change the way we carry ourselves, our attitude and mood. 😉 It all should come from the inside out, but at the same time we should not neglect the affect outer aspects can have on us, and we need that help sometimes. 🙂

To alter the way I look helps me embrace that side of me, the more confident side. I allow that side to seep in, and let go of the preconceived ideas of who I am and am not. Because I look slightly different, I can be slightly different.

Soap Dish

I made this soap dish when I applied to an art and design school (and I got in! 🙂 ). Actually I made two more, but let’s focus on this one. 😉 When you use hard soap water from your hands tend to drip down onto the soap dish and stay there making the the soap bar mushy. When you then take the soap bar in your hands it releases more soap than you need. Also, in this water bacteria grow. So the task is to dry the soap bar properly in between uses.

I made this soap dish out of stoneware clay. The loofah sponge (organic) helps absorb the moisture from the soap bar. As soap leftovers stick to the sponge you can use it to scrub yourself in the shower.