Coffee Coffee Table

This project started with an ugly tabletop I needed to replace and then the question of what would be an authentic shape for a coffee tabletop instead. After a bit of trial an error, I let the coffee spilled onto thick, watercolor paper do the job for me. I found the tabletop shapes among the negative and positive shapes the coffee made. Then I chose a few of them to translate to CAD, and then chose one of them to move ahead with to make out the two new table tops in marble.

A big plus is that the table leg is reused, the MDF underneath it is leftovers from the build we have done, and the marble itself is leftover pieces from the stone company’s other projects that they do not know what to do with since they are a bit too big and beautiful to just throw away but not really suitable for an entire kitchen worktop for example.

Moved on from watercolors to coffee.
Making patterns with different coffee mugs, a few of which I have made myself.
Understanding format.
Stone and support MDF pieces.
The MDF is painted as the table leg to be read as the same unit.