Wooden Chair

In school we had a two week project on norm criticism. This chair is from the second and last week of that project when we were asked to go into something that, to us personally, caused friction, was disturbing and upsetting. It is a brutal ask, but we all dived in. It gave me a lot of anxiety and during this week I felt incredibly lost.

I chose to focus on what we take for granted and in this case what we take for granted holds us, is stable and reliable. I wanted to make something that was fragile but at the same time could hold its shape. I wanted to make something that in itself relied on each and every part of it to hold it up, to remain standing, and I wanted all the parts of which it was made up of to be visible. I wanted to make a normal object, one that each and every one of us most certainly interact with every day, so ordinary we don’t think about it, that it is there, serving us and we do not even question it.

It was not clear to me what shape this would turn out to be, would need to be. A friend of mine helped me understand I needed to ask for help. After feedback on a draft I had made I understood I needed to discard it and make something else. Because what I had already made did not communicate what I needed it to. Suddenly it fell into place in my mind, and I did not feel lost at all, I found my feet.

I made this chair in under an hour, but to get there took me four days.

Trash to Treasure

The other week at school we had our introduction course to the metal workshop. This is the trash bin and I was lucky to find it brimming with scraps. 🙂 The pictures of what I made down below is the result of me welding for the first time. It was difficult and now I better understand why welding is viewed as a craft. It truly is. 😉

Somehow I end up making small creatures of most of what I Do (make, create, etc).

Drawings from the Hospital Bed

In our most critical moments in life I think our core gets uncovered. Not in every way but in some ways. In 2018 I was in hospital being treated for an autoimmune liver disease. The single one thing I had energy to do or rather what I choose to do with the little energy I had was to draw. I found pictures on Instagram and drew them. These are not my best drawings but they are important to me as they helped me pass my time, focus my mental energy on something that I enjoyed and that I decided for myself in a situation that was completely out of my hands. “I choose my subject. I choose this paper, this pen in this color and to draw in this particular manner”.

Utdrag Text 8. Åtta// Outtake Text 8. Eight

Kan jag få lägga min kind mot orden? Kan jag få vila mellan raderna? Kan jag få sova i den här boken innan den kommer till sitt slut? Kan jag få vara ostörd för en stund, utan hot och utan tvivel? Kan jag kalla en plats för min, eller är den också tillfälligt till låns utan kontrakt eller avtal?

Jag skriver nya rader. Inte för att komma ifrån utan för att komma närmare intill, och sedan igenom och vidare ut på andra sidan, för att bearbeta och försöka förstå, för att bevara och kunna återvända.


May I lay my cheek against the words? May I rest in between the lines? May I be uninterrupted for a while, without threat and without doubt? Could I call a place mine, or is it also temporarily for lend without contact or agreement?

I write new lines. Not to create distance but to come closer, and then through and on, out on the other side, to process and to try to understand, to preserve and to be able to return.

First Apartment Renovation

All pictures are from the different real estate agents.


Livingroom before and after.
Livingroom details.


Kitchen before and after.
Kitchen details.


Bedroom before and after.
Bedroom details.

We changed the apartments planning from scratch, which was very difficult with no previous experience and no architect involved. I did know nothing. Not how a wall is build and what segments it is made up of or what angle water pipes need to be in or the numbers of different pigmented wood hardwax oils (very unsure if that is the correct translation). I had not discovered color in the sense that I now have, which came a year later and I think this first apartment sparked an initial interest of that and opened up a door to a space where it could be applied in a very fruitful way. Soon I will post our second apartment and then you will see what I mean. 🙂

In the apartment we changed the skirting boards and added covers for the radiators. We spent a lot of time restoring the doors, scratching of numerous layers of old paint to then give them a fresh coat of paint. We painted the windows and the woodwork around the windows as well. We polished the floors. We redid the electricity in the entire apartment and added power outlets and so on. We built a wardrobe in the bedroom. We made a new hallway and added a proper bathroom. Previously you showered in a cupboard in the kitchen and the bathroom contained only the toilet. When you sat on it your knees hit its small door.

Looking at these pictures I am surprised it turned out this well even though I also see a hundred mistakes and a good number of things that I would do differently today, which means I have learnt a lot. To go back and look at these pictures when we are, again, in the middle of a renovation that is so much bigger in all ways possible actually motivates me. Because even though I feel like a kid, not knowing anything, in these situations I can see that whatever problem comes up it most likely can be solved. Especially if you work with skilled people, and we have started to find some really amazing ones. 🙂