Stormy Days

The dishwasher is full of clean dishes, and the kitchen worktop is covered with dirty dishes. None of which seem to move. Dirty clothes lay around the house, and clean clothes lay in bags still. The piles are building up. We forget to eat or we cannot because the hurry and worry make us sick to our stomachs. Instead, we drink more coffee. We forget the things we buy at the supermarket. We look for our car keys when we hold them in our hands. We burn the quinoa. At night we cannot sleep. In the morning we sleep through our alarms, and the new day is half gone. Waking up behind. We move yesterday’s to-do list to tomorrow. Some things we move to next week. Because we know it will not get done. Not today. We are not good at maintenance these days but there is a storm inside. We try to weather the storm.

Breakfast Story

Lately, I have had those long and quiet Saturday mornings by myself and a cup of coffee. It has been my time to recharge. I sleep for at least twelve hours. Those days are my way of coming back to me, to get on my feet again from weeks that seem to lift me off of the ground.

Either I decide to not open up any screen. No phone, no computer. I keep my phone in Flight mode and sit down to read. Or I write, edit pictures, and arrange future blog posts (I have a special love for my spreadsheet). I do nothing that I have to do or should do. I practice to rest, to collect new energy for the week to come. Life has decided to give me another storm. These weekends of pause have proved to be crucial for me to reestablish the foundation.

Plant Based

For these pots in stoneware clay with so-called lava dots I wanted to make a pot that was a plant itself. I ended up making six different pots. For three of them I made vines that kept within the pot’s top and bottom, not cutting off the space, and for the other three I made vines that reached all the way to the top and so cut of the space making the negative space between them a shape of its own. 🙂