Coworking Safe

This is a long post showing the entire process of making my Coworking Safe. Coworking space alternations: Working vs taking a break Focused and closed vs resting and open Silence vs talking At the desk vs not at the desk Non-social vs social What are the obstacles for you to take a break from working […]

Brake Not to Break

School’s brief was to design a workspace within the home space. Since a year back I have been doing my school work from home, which has been difficult and limiting but I have done as good as I can. Since my school and Sweden, in general, do not handle Covid as everyone else stress is […]

Bio-based Plastic

Our first course of the autumn semester was on sustainability. One of the many things we were taught was the insight into how bad plastic derived from crude oil is and in how many ways it pollutes our planet. This is when we were taught how to make bio-based plastics. Because of the pandemic, my […]

Hand Made

One time use alginate mould. You tear the alginate mould apart to get to your object. Also, as the water evaporates over time the mould shrinks if you succeed in keeping it intact. Success in the learning and not the result. 😉 Here I forgot to pour in just a little plaster at first, twist […]