House Renovation #12

In April we continued the work on the house’s details inside. Skirting boards, window sills, and doors have been painted but are not completely done yet. The garage was finally converted and completed into a workshop for me, which has been the best gift. Now I need to learn from our carpenters as much as […]

House Renovation #10

In February work continued on the fixed furnishings and other details in the house, small details that you cannot really see but added together they make a difference. For example, all skirting boards have small marks where the nailheads are and all those need to be filled in and painted. You do not really see […]

House Renovation #9

In January work continued after the holidays. A bit slow at first but then the speed picked up. I enjoy having people from different countries around (with social distance and a mask on of course), listening to them talking in their various languages, and learning something from each of their cultures. 🙂 In the summer […]

House Renovation #7

In November the work on the guest bathroom on the top floor started. Furthermore, more walls came up on the top floor, including around the load-bearing structures. Then the walls were plastered, sanded and prime painted. Doorway frames were installed for sliding doors. Windows got window sills. We managed to find wall paint colors and […]