House Renovation #9

In January work continued after the holidays. A bit slow at first but then the speed picked up. I enjoy having people from different countries around (with social distance and a mask on of course), listening to them talking in their various languages, and learning something from each of their cultures. 🙂 In the summer […]

House Renovation #7

In November the work on the guest bathroom on the top floor started. Furthermore, more walls came up on the top floor, including around the load-bearing structures. Then the walls were plastered, sanded and prime painted. Doorway frames were installed for sliding doors. Windows got window sills. We managed to find wall paint colors and […]

House Renovation #2

In April we discovered we had mold in the house all across the ceiling facing north. From our previous learnings of the first floor we had to redo the outer walls because they did not have the proper insulation. Moreover, the ventilation system was wrongly installed. This meant we would need to peel off pretty […]