House Renovation #11

In March we finally had all the parts and materials needed to build the fireplace, and so we did. 🙂 We have been using our living room space as a storage and painting station for a few months and when the limestone arrived for our second bathroom we carried all 1800 kilos from the driveway into the house to dry. Then we carried everything one flight up to be next to where the bathroom is going to be built in a few week’s time. We moved the painting station into that room as well. I drew the bookcase in our office and our carpenter built it and did such a good job. He managed to solve angles and how different planes meet that I could not figure out. He also built the shelves in the walk-in-close. Since the shelves came up we have been using it as storage too and it has made me hesitant to take pictures of it. 😉 We got the foundation for the outside staircase made. Now we just have to clad it with stone. The work on the garage started. We are going to turn it into an insulated garage and workshop for me to develop my industrial design skills. 🙂 If it was not for Covid we would not have done it but one must adapt to the changing circumstances.

Fireplace almost done. The sofa we had but then got rid of.
Fireplace with limestone underneath for safety and beauty.
First coat of paint on the fireplace.

I asked the carpenter to not make the fireplace’s surface too perfect. I also like it to be as white as the ceiling because then you have that as a reference when you look at everything else in the space and realize that all else are different soft grey and beige colors and not actually white.

Limestone delivery.
Bookcase in our office that I drew first by hand and then in Rhino (3D modeling).
Shelves with no supporting ledges.
Not done but we were too eager not to start.
Kitchen still without stone and instead a temporary MDF top that start to get very disgusting.
Drawers and tabletop in one of the bedrooms.
The same bedroom as the picture above. Painting station and stone storage.
The previous, temporary staircase.
Our new staircase being moulded.
Work on the garage.
Details done and yet to be done on the bookcase. I put blue tape where ever I spot a detail that must be seen to. 🙂
Doors getting the first layer of paint. The passage between our bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet will be this deep forest green that goes so well with the limestone.
Evening sun.
Other details done.

We have started to work our way through the house to tend to those small details, details that I see immediately when I walk into a room, a long to-do list goes off in my mind. It takes energy even though you do not really notice that it does until you are done painting a window and feel the lightness of that one step forward, closer to a home that is done.

Grab and Go

Our house is soon done and we begin to build our home. As we hand in and buy furniture and lighting on auction we get the chance to walk around and see all that we have seen online in reality, experience the scale and proportions, touch the materials and discover things we have looked past online. It is soul fuel for me, I get so inspired and excited. 🙂

Toggle switches make me happy.
I adore ugly furniture.

Coconut Pancakes


  • 3 eggs
  • 2 dl oat milk
  • 2 tbsp chia seeds
  • 1 dl coconut flour
  • A pinch of salt
  • Coconut oil to fry in
  • Shredded coconuts, agave or honey, a banana, and Nutella for toppings


Whisk all ingredients together. Let sit for 30 minutes. Fry carefully on medium heat until the pancake has started to set at the top and then flip over.

Since I refrain form diary products I used milk free hazelnut and chocolate spread. 🙂

Don’t Care Anymore

Kameran är den som validerar, den som bestämmer vem och vad som är bra nog att dokumenteras, att minnas, att visas upp, att finnas till. Den som håller i kameran är den som bestämmer, den som ser och väljer ut, den som avgör vad som kommer med i samlingen, vad som kureras, vilka historier som berättas.

Jag bryr mig inte längre om att jag inte är bra nog, att jag är kroniskt otillräcklig, att jag inte håller måttet, att jag inte är perfekt på det sättet som krävs för att väljas ut och visas upp, komma med och finnas till.

Nu bestämmer jag. Jag väljer mig. Jag säger till honom “Ta en bild på mig nu, här där ljuset faller in över mig, och kapa bilden här” och jag klyver luften med mina händer. Jag skapar min plats där jag är självklar, där jag väljer mig. För varje gång jag gör det gör jag sprickor i skalet av oduglighetens påhitt.

The camera is the one who validates, the one who decides who and what is good enough to be documented, remembered, displayed, exist. The one who holds the camera is the who one decides, the one who sees and chooses, the one who singles out, determines what is included in the collection, what is curated, what stories are told.

I do not care anymore that I am not good enough, that I am chronically insufficient, that I do not fit inside the frame, that I am not perfect in the way that is demanded in order to be chosen and displayed, to be included and to exist.

Now I make the decisions. I choose me. I tell him “Take a picture of me now, here where the light falls in over me, and crop the picture here” and I cut the air with my hands. I create my place where I am obvious, where I choose me. Because every time I do I make cracks in the shell the idea of incompetence has created.


To Do, to make, to create anything is to attempt to solve a problem but always knowing I will never get there. Because there is a distance between the idea and reality, and the idea is one step ahead, always. There is something to change, alter, improve, to somehow be more authentic and articulated. Next time.

To do what I yet cannot teach me how to do it. I need to dare to start before I am any good at all and trust that the process will teach me how. The drive and desire to keep on trying, to move closer with each project, and to move ahead to yet again get lost, is what I believe is an artist’s work.

“To do what I yet cannot teach me how to do it. I need to dare to start before I am any good at all and trust that the process will teach me how.”

When I get the chance to fall into a project and focus on its inherent problems and try to solve them I disappear into a world that is tangible and the problems seem too. And I try to get there with the notion I never might, and I am ready to fail.