Bookcase From Start To Finish

For the bottom cabinets we used Ikea modules. There are a number of different companies that make custom-made cabinet doors for Ikea modules. We have done so throughout the entire house on both Ikea modules and on wardrobes that we have made ourselves. This enables us to have the same cabinet door throughout the house, […]

Grab and Go

Our house is soon done and we begin to build our home. As we hand in and buy furniture and lighting on auction we get the chance to walk around and see all that we have seen online in reality, experience the scale and proportions, touch the materials and discover things we have looked past […]

Don’t Care Anymore

Kameran är den som validerar, den som bestämmer vem och vad som är bra nog att dokumenteras, att minnas, att visas upp, att finnas till. Den som håller i kameran är den som bestämmer, den som ser och väljer ut, den som avgör vad som kommer med i samlingen, vad som kureras, vilka historier som […]