Fresh Cauliflour Mash

Ingredients 1 large head of cauliflower 2 dl creme fraiche, sourcreme or Oatly’s diaryfree creme fraiche A handful of fresh basil, finely chopped 1 lemon, grated peel only A sprinkle of salt A dash of frehly ground black pepper Directions Wash and cut off the leaves of the cauliflower. Cut the cauliflower into about four […]

Easy Tuna Salad

Ingredients for the tuna mix One can of tuna in oil, about 150 grams of fish Mayonnaise 2 tsp Dijon mustard 2 tbsp of capers and a dash of their water 1/4 of red onion, finely chopped Herbs Salt Black pepper Ingredients for the salad A handful of arugula 4 romaine lettuce leaves A few […]

Shiitake Dashi

Ingredients 5 dl water 3 dried shiitake mushrooms Directions Pour the water into a glass jar. Put in the mushrooms and a weight on top so that they are completely submerged in the water. Let soak at room temperature for 20 minutes or in the fridge overnight. Pick up the mushrooms, squeeze out the water. […]

Raw Cashew Brownie

Dough ingredients 2 dl natural cashew nuts 10 dates 3 tbsp cacao a pinch of salt 1 tbsp coffee, cooled 1 tbsp water Topping ingredients 1/2 dl coconut oil 1 1/2 tbsp cacao 2 tbsp honey Shredded coconut Instead of honey, use agave if you want to make it vegan. 🙂 Directions for the dough […]