Haptic Robot

In school, we had a course on semiotics, the study of signs. I need to write this down because it has not clicked in my mind yet. 😉 The difference between teaching and learning I guess. SignA sign is something that can stand for and/or communicate something about something else. A sign is made up […]

Brake Not to Break

School’s brief was to design a workspace within the home space. Since a year back I have been doing my school work from home, which has been difficult and limiting but I have done as good as I can. Since my school and Sweden, in general, do not handle Covid as everyone else stress is […]

Mitate Flower Assignment

In school, we were introduced to the Japanese philosophy and method of mitate. As I understand mitate now, it means something that refers to something else that is not present. It wakens an association within us. It can be a form, material, movement, and concept. For example, in a poem rain could represent tears because […]

House Renovation #10

In February work continued on the fixed furnishings and other details in the house, small details that you cannot really see but added together they make a difference. For example, all skirting boards have small marks where the nailheads are and all those need to be filled in and painted. You do not really see […]

Meet in the Tunnel of Light

I had an idea of two lamps meeting, interlocking into each other, creating their common intimate space. When standing alone the lamp would give a directional light with a sharper light image. When locked together by each of their’s soft, extendable plastic shades, the light would be twice as strong but dimmed. Since I am […]

Bio-based Plastic

Our first course of the autumn semester was on sustainability. One of the many things we were taught was the insight into how bad plastic derived from crude oil is and in how many ways it pollutes our planet. This is when we were taught how to make bio-based plastics. Because of the pandemic, my […]

House Renovation #9

In January work continued after the holidays. A bit slow at first but then the speed picked up. I enjoy having people from different countries around (with social distance and a mask on of course), listening to them talking in their various languages, and learning something from each of their cultures. 🙂 In the summer […]