Haptic Robot

In school, we had a course on semiotics, the study of signs. I need to write this down because it has not clicked in my mind yet. 😉 The difference between teaching and learning I guess. SignA sign is something that can stand for and/or communicate something about something else. A sign is made up […]

Bookcase From Start To Finish

For the bottom cabinets we used Ikea modules. There are a number of different companies that make custom-made cabinet doors for Ikea modules. We have done so throughout the entire house on both Ikea modules and on wardrobes that we have made ourselves. This enables us to have the same cabinet door throughout the house, […]

Brake Not to Break

School’s brief was to design a workspace within the home space. Since a year back I have been doing my school work from home, which has been difficult and limiting but I have done as good as I can. Since my school and Sweden, in general, do not handle Covid as everyone else stress is […]

Sunflower Seed Butter

Ingredients 4 dl natural sunflower seeds A pinch of salt Directions Put the oven at 160°C. Add the seeds to an oven-safe tray. It should be a thin layer of seeds. Toast the seeds. Open the oven to stir occasionally. The seeds are done when they have slightly browned. It goes pretty fast since the […]