The Chair That Fools You To Rest

This is one of a few objects I made during a school course called Action and Failure, and I chose to work with the subject of time, which was very difficult. I made this chair for the stressed and result-producing focused person that prioritizes work rather than rest, to be active rather than taking time to restore and refill. Those people need to be fooled to rest. They do not do that willingly.

A Small Prototype First

Here is the first, small prototype I made in my workshop at home. The function I wanted to achieve was that if pressure is put on the backrest, the chair would fall over and turn into a daybed by itself. When it comes to sunbeds, for example, you can regulate and choose the tilt of the backrest yourselves, but with this chair, you cannot.

Small prototype.
Trying out arm lengths for the small prototype.

A small prototype of the movement

Prototype scale 1:1

Preparing the material.
Gluing material together to add thickness to some of the chair’s parts.
Putting the chair together using many metal details. I adore metal details. I do not know why.
The legs got wonky. A problem I did not have with the small one.
Big and little.
Adding hinges.
Backrest and leg rest in place.

Since the legs got wonky right from the start I had to figure out how to make the straight and make the chair more stable, which is why I added two bars in the opposite direction. The tricky part was that I needed to figure out where they would go without disturbing the movement of the arms. It took some time.

Trying out arm lengths to see what works both in the upright and folded positions.
The arms were too short to fold the chair flat.
Here the arms were too long because even upright the leg rest was pushed forward.
This version had too long arms. They hit the floor and got stuck there.

In order for the arms to move in the way they needed to, I had to add the rubber band around the back to help push forward the arms, and I added a chain underneath to work as a guard and support. If I did not have these two components, the rubber band and the chain, the arms would fall down and not do their job of pushing forward the leg rest.

Final One

When you have a good posture you can use this chair as a chair, but when you get tired and your posture collapses, the chair does too. It is like a kind parent who tells you it is time to rest. It is the object that leads you, takes on responsibility so you do not have to.

The rubber band I have used is a workout stretch band. It felt right.

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