House Renovation #15

The last couple of months have been exhausting. In September our heating system broke down. The new one we ordered was said to arrive at the end of November, then postponed to “Maybe before Christmas” and the “Probably in March”. This meant we moved back into the guest house once the work there was done. We bought several heaters and placed them in our home office to still be able to work there. All winter we cooked dinner dressed in base layers, knitted hats, and jackets. At the time it was nothing else we could do. There was not another heating system we could order instead thanks to Covid.

In the guest house, we redid the bathroom with leftover limestone from the house and easy-to-tile, big, white tiles. We reused the basin and tap from the bathroom that we tore out from the house.

During the last couple of months, the work on the master bathroom began and was completed with a shower and steam room. Our tiler was diligent and it turned out beautifully. He said it was the most complicated and difficult bathroom he had ever made thanks to the number of corners it had. Once it was done he said he was satisfied with the result, that it was the most beautiful bathroom he had done. After the limestone tiling, we got the electricity done.

In the kitchen, we finally got the cupboard and drawer doors. We ordered them primed and painted everything ourselves. It took a lot of time. In a month we had all the handles up. 🙂

We removed the side entrance and started the work on the laundry and guest bathroom. We replaced the faulty, moldy walls, and put new underfloor heating there as well. We had a minor crisis with the limestone because the one we wanted had run out, and the one we ordered instead did not look like what we expected. It had strange, big holes in it. It was a bit complicated but we managed to return that stone and find a new one, which I am very happy with now that it is up.

We went several times to the recycling dump with all that was torn out from the houses.

On the outside of the house, our brilliant electrician installed our red painted lighting, and CCTV cameras.

Then we took a break. 🙂

Sunshine on new doors. No handles yet.

Here is our complicated master bathroom. This kind of limestone, which is warm in color with reddish splashes here and there, is so beautiful and now I am sketching a piece of furniture in cherry for it with big drawers. It is on this that a stone top with basins made out of stone will be placed.

Preparations for light switches.
Light up in the new bathroom.
All limestone up in the new bathroom. Ceiling to be painted. Towel drier up.
One of my numerous sketches of the master bathroom.
Our bedroom to be has been storage for materials and machines used in the adjacent bathroom.
Finally, lights are up above the entrance.
Lights above the workshop and the garage doors.
CCTV cameras up all around the house.
Limestone on the floor was covered up for protection and the work on the walls started.
Mess in the guest house.
Old extra entrance removed to make the laundry better.
Our worn-down kitchen garden.
The old guest bathroom and utility room cleared out.
Everything was torn out. New plans were made.
View into the room from the hallway. Guest bathroom and laundry to be.
Turning our smallest guest room into a painting station, and also trying out new wall paint for it.
Old bathroom and utility room cleared out.
More waste.
New limestone arrived.

I now realize I have not taken enough pictures. The last couple of months have been rough for many reasons. I guess this is one expression of it.

We have a lot to clean up around the house.
The broken heating system. :/
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