Stop It – Emergency Break

During a day where I did a few steps of the introduction course to sculpture at school, I made this mold of an emergency brake button out of two-component quick-setting silicone. I said it to myself in action before I could say it in words. Not even one hour later I had one of the most severe panic attacks I have ever had.

I chose the paint carefully. It took a while to find the right kind of red.
I went to a special screw store to get good-looking screws and I am so satisfied with my findings.

It now sits in our home office, a reminder to alternate between work and rest, to take breaks, and slowly learn that that is part of the process, not stepping off of the track of the process. Before I thought so, I can still feel so, that rest is not adding to the forward motion, but that does not mean it is true. Passive and active are both parts of the process, just as output and input are. They need each other, feed each other. If you do not give to yourself, what are you supposed to take from when you create?

To me, there is another connection that I make with this object. It looks a bit like the Japanese flag. They have a word for ‘death from overwork’, karoshi, and in my mind, there is a link, a connection between that and that there now is a stop button in an office in their colors that says stop.

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