Baguette Attempt

It is so satisfying to make your own bread, but it takes a lot of practice and I am not there yet by far.

From the start, this is a store-bought sourdough starter based on rye flour. I have managed to keep it alive, my eighth attempt, by asking a friend who is a chef a lot of questions. I almost felt sorry for him getting my long messages week after week. Before I have made the starter from scratch from water, flour and time, and I have also bought starters from multiple artisan bakeries, but I have always let them down. Starters are confusing to me but I think, with all the support I have gotten, I am finally getting the hang of it. Though I cannot allow myself to give someone else tips just yet. 😉

Dough has beautifully risen.
Shaped into bread loaves.
Another rise.
Straight from the oven.
Taste test.

The bread turned out more dense than I would have liked and I cannot see as much gluten development as I hoped for. I will continue to iterate.

At first, you might believe following a recipe, learning a method, is a straightforward procedure, but then you realize how many variables there are and that you need to understand each of them yourself in order to know what you did wrong or need to adjust. 🙂 The process. <3

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