The Supplements I Take

This post is a reminder to myself on what and why I should keep on taking my supplements. 😀 Maybe this can inspire you to look for supplements that could help you too. 🙂

Before breakfast

  • Cistus Incanus drops
  • Repair Vite powder in water

With breakfast

  • Entero Vite
  • Liqua A
  • Liqua D3
  • Selenium
  • Omega-3

With dinner

  • Entero Vite again

Before bed

  • Cistus Incanus drops again
  • Magnesium

I think there is a difference between a healthy and functioning body and a sick and dysfunctional body. If you have no problems and eat a varied diet you do not have to eat supplements. But at the same time the soil we grow our crops in today does not contain the same amount of nutrients as it has, which can be a reason to eat supplements anyway. If you have a sick body, if it needs extra help to reach a level of functionality to feel good and live your life, I think supplements is a good thing to add to your daily routine. It is so simple and it can make a difference to the better. I have been advised by a nutritionist regarding what and how much I should take of each supplement.