Sustainability and Biomimicry #1

This is a series of posts made up of our course in school on sustainability and biomimicry. First, we familiarized ourselves with nature. Then we dove into a subject matter given to us to investigate in groups. The course was six weeks long.

At the beginning of this course, we were assigned to go out into nature and do a guided meditation. It took about four hours in total and included touching the soil, listening to the sounds of nature and the distant noises, to smell and observe nature for a variety of time lengths. Then we drew nature at different time intervals and perspectives. Down below is a selection of my drawings.

After this body-focused exercise, we were given literature on the topic of biomimicry, its history, significance, and development.

20-second sketches.
A close-up of a budding tree and then its branches. Around it, I have written down different describing words.