The Workshop

Because of Covid, I have not spent much time in school during the past twelve months. This made me realize I need a workshop at home. Every maker needs a workshop. It has taken a while but now I have a proper workshop that is insulated, has electricity, and a window. The workshop will evolve over time. I will change and add to it as I go. Now I just need my energy to allow me to spend time there.

First things first.
Here we have it!
The workbench was the first thing I bought for my workshop and I bought it months before it was done.
Here is a metal cabinet I got for free from an office clear out a year ago.
I am so happy that I insisted on adding a window to my workshop. It makes all the difference.
My first tools. And coffee.

It means so much to me to have this space. I have cried a lot out of relief and happiness, to be honest. I have trouble with taking up space and this is perfect to practice that. It is also great to learn how to trust in the process, its ups and downs, and how I do not have full control over it but can keep on doing as good as I can, keep on trying. Persistence beats resistance.

I have started to write my workshop motto, my bullet points, my workshop manifesto if you will. 🙂 When I feel sort of done (because are we ever fully done with anything??) I will make a post out of it.