French Press Coffee

Applying James Hoffman’s French Press technique and it is delicious. This is such a perfect Sunday endeavor. 😉 Prepare by buying good quality coffee beans.


  • 30 grams coffee beans, medium ground
  • 500 grams water, boiling hot


Ground the coffee beans. Add them to the French press, pour the hot water over the coffee and let steep for four minutes. Swirl around with a tablespoon and then remove the top foam. Steep for another five minutes. Finally, do not plunge all the way down to the bottom. Pour up your beautiful coffee.

Good quality coffee beans. Oh the scent. <3
Preparing. Notebook, scale, grinder, French press, coffee beans.
30 grams of freshly ground coffee. <3
One beautiful cup of coffee. I am already looking forward to tomorrow and my next cup.
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