Zoom Drawing #2

This drawing is a portrait of Marie von Behrens. You find her here.

It usually takes at least two drawings to make one drawing for me. Then, sometimes, I make more. 😉 I try to reach likeness but it doesn’t bother me if I do not get there.

First drawing, the study drawing.
Ballpoint pen, ProMarkers and a white Posca.
To the left is the second drawing, and to the right is the first.

Sometimes I like the first drawing better because it is freer since it is more of a study of the subject, I am searching for the lines and shapes and the relationship between them. I mostly draw with ink straight away, my favorite is a simple ballpoint pen with black ink, one of those that you find in your suitcase after a vacation. Then I make the shadows either by clouds of scribble or by hatching. This time I started out with a pencil, erased it, and then went in with ProMarkers with an increasingly darker shade. The paper I use is fantastic. It never bleeds through no matter how much you draw onto it.