House Renovation #12

In April we continued the work on the house’s details inside. Skirting boards, window sills, and doors have been painted but are not completely done yet. The garage was finally converted and completed into a workshop for me, which has been the best gift. Now I need to learn from our carpenters as much as I possibly can while they are still here. 🙂 Luckily we have a guest house to fix up still. 😉 And we have to make a completely new laundry and work outside the house.

To the left is my spray booth that I yet had not moved out to the garage becoming workshop, and the rest is furniture storage.
Cleaning out from under the staircase that had been storage for paint and electricity stuff.
Kitchen parts and kitchen utensils and ceramics I have made.
Trying to sort out all the different tools and paint brushes that we have.
New windows and door on our guest house. Insulation too, but that you cannot see.
The mess in the guest house while making changes.
Finally all doors are on. Handles yet to be attached.
Rescuing from the building mess. A classic Arne Jacobsen chair and a stool I have made.
New garage doors and a new window letting light in to my workshop (!).
A corner of my workshop! A locker we got for free from an office that had a clean out this past summer.
Kitchen with the temporary MDF worktop removed.
The temporary MDF worktop that we lived with and made so dirty and disgusting for ten months.
Parts of the kitchen fan that yet has not been installed.
The beautiful marble kitchen counter arrived. What a milestone. I cannot believe they managed to lift it up even. It is so heavy. But they said they hit the gym.
Isn’t she beautiful??
Our kitchen sink is 700 mm x 500 mm. Everything you need to wash goes into it. I do not understand why we have not had a kitchen sink this size before. It is so practical.
New faucet.
Stone in place and on to the next thing that needs to be fixed. The kitchen doors to each and every cabinet. 😀
My workshop! There are so many details I want to fix, and I will. Over time it will change and grow and I look forward to this so so much.

The last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time. 😉

Now each and every room of the house is complete except for tiny details as paint touch-ups. Then we have yet to build the master bathroom, and the guest bathroom, and the laundry. After that, we have work outside such as the terrace and lighting but it is no rush.

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