Every Weekend Looks the Same

The past three months have been a lot. The tempo was elevated and I just had to go with it. The weekends became my refuge, the time for me to recharge, the cocoon I could go into to rebuild and prepare for the week ahead. Most of the weekends I had no musts or have-to’s. I could be tired and it did not affect anybody or anything. I took my time to have long coffee moments, breakfasts, and walks. What was healing and restorative I did.

Going through the pictures I have taken to save a souvenir from each day I realized how repetitive my weekends have been. In fleeting moments I felt stuck, trapped almost, but then I reminded myself that for now, this is what I need. When I have healed a bit more, when I am more stable I will begin to move.

The first cup is the best cup.
Such a special feeling to begin a new notepad.
Trying out hydrophonic gardening.
Breakfast… lunch sandwiches with extra everything.
A long walk to fill my lungs with fresh air.