House Renovation #10

In February work continued on the fixed furnishings and other details in the house, small details that you cannot really see but added together they make a difference. For example, all skirting boards have small marks where the nailheads are and all those need to be filled in and painted. You do not really see them if you are not up close, but once they are done the room feels more put together and crisp.

Moving our things around in boxes and large bags. When one room needs to get done, all our stuff has to be moved somewhere else.
Moved a lot of things out from one of the bedrooms to the snug. Life when you mix home and building site.
The wardrobe space in one of the bedrooms. Frame, rail, and soon also skirting boards and two doors.
About the get a fireplace.
Now the kitchen has a leveled frame all around it. When the doors arrive they will be on the same plane as the frame and create one cohesive wall.
Entrance wardrobe with frame, doors and handles.
The work on the garage started. First, insulation.
This will be my workshop. Due to Covid we need to create great working conditions at home.
Beautiful sunlight on the new garage doors. Of course, they will be painted red, and the door to the left will be exchanged for a red one as well.
Messy livingroom.

I might have deleted pictures from February by accident. I have been absent-minded lately. Nor can I remember what those pictures were but February had more to it than those pictures show.