House Renovation #8

In December the light was poor, the days were dark and short, but the weeks long. The work was focused on the top floor and we got some of the so-called surface layers in place such as wall paint, skirting boards, window sills, and electricity. In between the landing and snug area and the office we got a wall and preparations for the double sliding doors. The floors were polished and oiled and then redone once more because our floor guy, so to speak, did not think the first time turned out good enough. This made the other work in the house slow down because the floor has to dry in between coats of oil. Nevertheless, we got a new staircase connecting the two floors. And then the holidays arrived.

The office got painted walls, electricity drawn and the floor polished and oiled. Skirting boards are missing and a bookcase to the left and a desk to the right need to be designed and made.
Doorway between the snug and the office. Pain color samples on the wall for future bookcase.
One out of three bedrooms upstairs painted. Skirting boards, window sill, a desk and storage still to be done.
From the staircase and the snug looking towards the bedroom, walk-in-closet and master bathroom. Electricity placed in order to be covered by the TV.
Another of the upstairs bedrooms painted in another soft grey.
A window sill in place but not yet sanded so that the edges are soft.
Paint color samples in the smallest of the three bedrooms upstairs. Eager to try something else than the muted palette.
Standing in one of the bedrooms looking across the top floor.
Floor done.
Painting station moved into the living room.
A new staircase.

In this house there were many weird choices. For example the staircase was made in oak meanwhile all the floors were pine. We decided to unite the house and so had to redo the staircase.

New staircase with half a centimeter’s overhang.
New staircase. Not yet sanded or oiled.
New staircase.
Painting station moved back into the office.
Skirting boards up in the snug and the TV about to be mounted.
Door to in between the ceiling and the roof in place. Now we just have to make it discreet.
Kitchen without doors.
Temporary solutions for six months plus.
Where the fireplace will be.
Me sanding a door. So happy with my first machine.
Home and building site mix.
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