Pipe Dreaming

I do not remember when this was, but I remember it was in the winter and Sweden had not had a single hour of sunshine in more than a month. Exiting the plane in Oslo for a short stopover, the sun made my eyes hurt, and I thought to myself “This is where the sun was hiding”.

Recalling that feeling of being in motion, having a mission that pulls you forward, that pulse it gives you, that rhythm in your step, and direction. The excitement of things to come, the adventure ahead, and as you move the energy increase. The idea is almost sweeter than reality.

All that has been dreamed up and planned for coming together. The taxi arranged and the rooms booked across the world. Exiting the plane and you are hit by a wall of humidity and the smell of hot asphalt, and you realize that you had forgotten how heat felt. Then the walk through a foreign airport, the meandering corridors, and seeing other travelers through the glass you wonder “Where have I landed? And where are they going?”. With so many new impressions filtering through you you begin to wonder if you are new as well.