House Renovation #5

In August the build was put on hold as our builders went on vacation and I think we needed it as well. We went to the recycling station with our van crammed with stuff a few times but that is pretty much it.

In September work resumed. First, the ceiling was insulated with what I believe was styrofoam. Then it was prepared for further insulation that would be sprayed into a pocket made by the styrofoam and an outer layer of plastic film. The inside walls came up and were filled with insulation. The electricity was drawn.

The biggest step forward that took place in September was that the new windows and doors arrived. It has taken a long time and many emails to get the order in place because we decided everything about the look of the windows and doors ourselves. Despite our efforts, they turned out to be wrong anyway. One communication mistake was made and it was that the sidebars were red on the inside instead of white.

We want everything on the outside of the house to be red. Since the municipality denied us to redo the facade and paint the house white we went for an all-red house instead, from the chimney down, and so we want nothing of the house’s fixed furnishings on the inside to be red. The sidebars have to be white on the inside. Otherwise, the goal is defeated. We have still to figure out how to correct this error.

View from future bedroom into the closet.
Ceiling/roof insulated.
Sunshine on the second floor balcony.
Standing in the future snug looking towards the staircase and the two guest bedrooms. Also, there will be a new bathroom made here to the left.
Standing in my future bedroom looking into my office. 🙂 Weird.
Future office space. Bedroom to the right.
The snug got its first wall and electricity. 🙂
Snug! Old window with frame for the upcoming new window. In this picture it is obvious just how big of a difference the new windows will make.
Our new windows and doors arrived.
Happy Jurek with new terrace doors. 🙂 Here you can see the sidebars that will be facing the outside of the house.
New windows and terrace doors. All that is facing the outside of the house will be red.
Windows for the kitchen and living room. Here you can see the side of the windows that will be facing into the house and the mistake that was made regarding the sidebars.
Top left and right windows changed for the new and bigger ones but without spacebars since we have to adjust them.
New window put 30 cm higher than the previous one. It changed so much for the light and view. Sill no space bars.
New windows and terrace door at the second floor in the office space. Space bars will be removed to be adjusted.
Kristoffer’s smart solution on how not to get dust and dirt in the living room.

People who work with building things have a unique way of solving problems. In my eyes, they seem to always find the most efficient way to get there. Here Kristoffer has put plastic over the space where the new window will come in to protect our living room from dust and dirt. I might have said this before, but I cannot say it enough because I truly admire this way of thinking and try to absorb it myself. To me, it is peeling off what is not necessary and going straight for the core without fuzz.

Above is new window. Below is old window space and new about to be fully cut out.
Kristoffer paving way for the new kitchen window.
Kristoffer finishing the work on the kitchen window. Spacebars yet to come.
The house with new windows to the left and right. Center not done yet. All details will be red. We will redo the terrace next spring. 😉
Shadow play. New wall up with electricity and floor panels for under floor heating.
Standing in the smallest guest bedroom looking towards the master bedroom and its en suite bathroom. Electricity in place.
En suite bathroom for the bedroom. The shower (steam room?) will be to the right.
Old windows and terrace door.
New windows and door in, but without space bars since they turned out to be red on the inside and not white.
Floor in the living room and kitchen done. I just hope it does not get scratched too much until we move in.
Entrance roof being redone.
Entrance getting a facade.
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