Mr Potato

To make Mr Potato was part of the sculpture introduction course at school. I enjoyed it so much. The slowness of it, the materials deciding the phase and to make an object that would appear real and living but in fact is made out of a ‘dead’ (not changing) material.

First we made a clay base that covered half of the object, and then we put a frame around it.
Then we poured in liquid silicone all over the object and waited a couple hours for it to set.
Then we covered the first layer of silicone with a second layer and this time we added thickener to it to be able to build and cover the entire object. Since I created a square hole in my potato it was important to make the silicon hole covering it with slanting sides.
Then we cover the silicon with a coat of plaster to make the mould stable. To be able to remove the plaster the hole in the silicon have to have slanting sides.
Then we turned it upside down, cleaned the object, put oil on the silicone as a release agent to then be able to pour silicon onto it.
This is then negative shape of the funnel in which I will pour in the material into the mould once it is done.
First layer of silicon on the second side.
Second layer of silicon on the second side.
Plaster parts removed, silicon parts remaining.
The entire mould dissembled with Mr Potato inside with a square hole.
Mr Potato and its pitch line, traces of the mould’s two parts.
Round potato, square hole.

To go through this process made me have a kind of aha moment. I find an object, create a mould around it, remove the object, put the mould back together with the cavity inside, pour in plaster, wait and then I have a new object that is a copy of whatever I chose to make a mould around. It is basic, I know, but to actually make it felt very different.

Then it took a while but I painted it.
After a few layers Mr Potato finally got the look I was aiming for. 😉

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