Stable Base to Grow Tall

I made this flower pot with a friend in mind. I wanted to make something that resonated with her and her life view, and so I came up with this expression. She wants to be as grounded as possible before she takes the next step, to make sure she knows what she is doing before she dives into something new, which is only possible to a certain extent but her ambition is to be as stable as possible so whatever it turns out to be, she can handle it. 🙂 I found it very suiting that the object of this expression would be holder of a plant, of something growing out of it.

Stoneware clay with two layers of paintable glaze, cobalt blue and black.

The challenge when building the object’s different parts together is that they need to be wet to be glued together, meaning the act of building them together into one cohesive form makes the joints and the area around the joints fragile. Damp clay is lower in density as you have added more water to it. It is easier to shape but much more likely to collapse. Dryer clay is more stable but not as moldable.

To make this pot hold its shape while drying I built a structure of cardboard, old news paper and hemp wire around and inside it. Additionally, I started out with very thick clay, which made the flower pot very heavy. When it had dried enough I began to carve away what I considered excess clay. This is also a big part in shaping the final expression of the form, to take away what does not have to be there.

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