House Renovation #4

In June we moved ahead with the kitchen and living room space as well as the bedroom (gym?) on the first floor. The floor was mended and given a new finish, which we redid twice. Striving for a top result made us do that. 😉 We met a wonderful man who made stone everythings and looked at what could be our future kitchen worktop. Also, we took the roof down since it was molded. We washed all the tiles and so they could be put back up again. Two new window shades were made on the top floor. We redid the entrance but realized we did not like the roof of it, so we had to put that back on the to-do-list for later adjustment. The municipality denied us twice to paint the house a light grey (that would appear white) and said we must stick with the traditional red, and so we decided to paint everything red. From the chimney to the foundation of the house. 🙂

Beautiful Greek marble of Public Studio.
Living room floor redone for the second time.

The walls are a marvelous paint color which I adore. NCS S1002-Y, meaning it is a yellow with a dash of black pigment. When yellow pigment is mixed with black pigment it turns greenish, but as this is a south facing room the direct sunlight makes you perceive the color as warmer.

First floor bedroom (gym?). Walls painted in a warm grey.

The grey is NCS S1502-Y50R. Love it. The skirting boards will be an exquisite NCS S3505-Y50R. This is a north facing room, and so it is darker and mainly lit by reflected (and not direct) sunlight. Reds tend to be perceived as stronger in color tone, cooler and darker in north facing rooms. The yellow in this paint color mix also tends to appear more towards blue.

The roof taken down on the north side.
Layering the foundation of the roof.
New foundation of the roof done.
New entrance that we will redo the roof of later in the summer.
No roof. No floor. Window that will be replaced with a wider one.
First time on a scaffold.
Window shades about to be made. They are so skilled.
Window shade and its view from the master bedroom on the top floor. Below you can glimpse our sauna.
Second window shade made in another bedroom on the top floor.
We washed all the roof tiles from dirt and lichen and moss.
Trying to understand our new floor plan. This is the future bathroom with a shower and steam room in one, maybe.
Since we were not allowed to paint the house light grey we began to explore our options with the restriction ‘red’.
Looking at more stones.
We haven’t got a container on our plot so we drive all waste to the recycling. It has been many trips this summer.
The new window shades, and we started to paint everything red. The wood deck will be redone as well, but not this summer.
Window in progress.

In July our builders went on vacation and so the work was put on pause for five weeks. In the meantime we cleaned up around the house. The scaffolding was also taken down around this time.

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