It has been a year since I started posting. To have a blog had been floating in the back of my mind for years. Previously I have had a blog or two but not been able to keep them afloat, to have continuity and not abandon what I started. This experience contributed to my recent hesitation about going ahead with a blog this time around.

As with many other things, such as art and design, it is about what we need ourselves. We need to express ourselves and so we create, or we make a product we need, that we want to use and so we create. It might sound grand, but this is the reason I started my blog. I need a reminder of what I make, how I spend my day to day life, where I travel and a library of recipes. I tend to forget all this and so I begin to lose my sense of self. My blog holds me, it reminds me of who I am, not all of it but parts.

The reason I wanted to share the content I create is the hope that meanwhile it helps me it could help someone else too. When I have asked my friends for feedback on my texts their responses have been “This text really resonated with me, it’s beautiful” and “The text truly motivated me to workout!”. It made me happy and relieved to hear and realize that I wasn’t delusional. 😉

Things are changing in a new way for me. Recently I have had more continuity in my life, which I have not had before and to have exchanged that for chaos and turmoil might be why I am able to stick with it this time. 😉 When chaos and turmoil come again, because they will (this is life), I hope I am more stable and grounded in myself so that I can keep my calm and keep on Doing all that I want to be Doing, to keep afloat no matter what storm comes and then enjoy smooth sailing when that is the case.

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