House Renovation #3

In May we peeled the entire inside of the top floor; walls; ceiling and floor. We had previously discovered mold in the ceiling wood boards and in the insulation too. Also, the floor heating was laid out wrong and the floor boards did not have enough support. So we had to throw all that out too.

Many trips to the recycling station scheduled.
Old floor heating being removed on the top floor.
New insulation and improved support for the future floor on the top floor.
And more coffee.
Floor heating MDFs laid out on the top floor. View of future bedroom and next to it the office space about where the saw is placed in the picture.
Building site essentials.
Trying to pick a stone for the kitchen worktop. This is Swedish lime stones.
Swedish lime stone and paint color samples.
More paint color samples. Have I mentioned that I LOVE color? 😀
Well, yes. I just realized I have gotten a bit nerdy about color, but there is so so much more to learn. SO MUCH.
Adore the beiges that I have found. Here are some peach colors too.
Beige and grey. Adore these color samples and this store in Stockholm is AMAZING. The people working here are so knowledgable.
Got help from my sister to add paint paint color samples.
Entrance being torn down.
Step by step the walls go.
No more entrance.
New entrance.
New entrance with roof that we realized we did not like the shape of so this we need to redo later on.
Second entrance soon removed.
View from the kitchen towards the living room. Walls painted and electricity installed. Floor soon to be done and windows replaced.
The floor has been mended and now polished.
Polishing in process.
New floor in the bedroom on the first floor.
Walls painted in the bedroom on the first floor.
New ventilation system being installed on the top floor.

What I find weird with building is that while one space is getting closer to finished, more a home than a building site, another room is being torn down and as far away from habitable as can be. In one and the same space there are multiple things happening at the same time such as ceiling plastered, electricity drawn inside the walls, floor mended and kitchen modules build and put in place. As I have learnt this far it is not a linear process exactly. It is more like a nest of threads being unraveled to then finally and surprisingly come together into a whole. Of course there is a lot of planning that goes into it all, thinking ahead and having a vision of what it will look and feel like, be once it is done. But as beginners we make many mistakes, learn a lot and so things have to be redone and adjusted along the way. This is not the most efficient way to build of course. It costs to make mistakes or to divert from the initial plan, but this is how we learn. The goal is to make fewer mistakes with each project. 🙂

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