Wooden Chair

In school we had a two week project on norm criticism. This chair is from the second and last week of that project when we were asked to go into something that, to us personally, caused friction, was disturbing and upsetting. It is a brutal ask, but we all dived in. It gave me a lot of anxiety and during this week I felt incredibly lost.

I chose to focus on what we take for granted and in this case what we take for granted holds us, is stable and reliable. I wanted to make something that was fragile but at the same time could hold its shape. I wanted to make something that in itself relied on each and every part of it to hold it up, to remain standing, and I wanted all the parts of which it was made up of to be visible. I wanted to make a normal object, one that each and every one of us most certainly interact with every day, so ordinary we don’t think about it, that it is there, serving us and we do not even question it.

It was not clear to me what shape this would turn out to be, would need to be. A friend of mine helped me understand I needed to ask for help. After feedback on a draft I had made I understood I needed to discard it and make something else. Because what I had already made did not communicate what I needed it to. Suddenly it fell into place in my mind, and I did not feel lost at all, I found my feet.

I made this chair in under an hour, but to get there took me four days.

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