Konstfack + Kung Saga

My class, first year Industrial Design BA, collaborated with another school named Kung Saga (King Saga 😉 ) on a project where we together designed “a container for liquid”. Each of us design a container specifically for another student at the Kung Saga school and they provided us with information about themselves, shared their daily routines, preferences and other important feedback, which all supported our design process.

To some, the student was their starting point but then they developed a design beyond that. To me, the student was my staring point and focus in every step. It was important to me that my product met a real need for the student.

To me, the project theme was safety and how to remain calm and secure in an ever changing environment. At times our surroundings and social environment can be turbulent and so become overwhelming. Some people’s reaction to over stimuli is extroverted, and for some it is introverted and we go into shut down mode. This is not optimal for our own health, nor is it very helpful in school where we are expected to be able to be attentive and focused. I wanted to help the student I designed for to not hit that wall.

The process contained many failures, and I am so happy one succeeded at last.
The final blob made of latex and filled with water.

The process was stressful because all I tried I had never done before (true to “Do what you can’t”). I had never worked with latex or any plastic whatsoever, or sewn anything as complex as a form fitted cover, which was my backup plan if the latex was unable to hold its own shape once removed from the clay blob underneath, which I did not know until three days before deadline. 😉

I made the shape out of prototype clay, then painted it in latex (we will learn how to make a mold in a few weeks time). I made numerous layers, added a thickener to it, and while the latest layer was drying I tried all Plan B’s I could come up with. All which failed. 🙂

Then I cut the latex open, sort of birthed the clay out of it, covered the inside with a plastic bag and filled another plastic bag with just the right amount of water and air, made a knot and covered the cut with a few more layers of latex. To make it more into a creature I made ears that I glued on with more latex. And so the blob was made.

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