Don’t Care Anymore

Kameran är den som validerar, den som bestämmer vem och vad som är bra nog att dokumenteras, att minnas, att visas upp, att finnas till. Den som håller i kameran är den som bestämmer, den som ser och väljer ut, den som avgör vad som kommer med i samlingen, vad som kureras, vilka historier som […]

The build has been so much lately. Suddenly there is a wave of decisions to make. For the floorplan and windows, for example, we got help from an architect. We changed some of his plans but it was still a safety to have his drawings. 🙂 Now a few aspects of the build are soon […]

2020 truly was a traumatic year. Now in the new year, a shift from one day to the next, my mind is buzzing and emotions move through my body. At times I find myself angry, frustrated and stressed, and unable to put my finger on where those feelings come from. Then I remember what happened […]

Time is weird. Age is too. I just realized today is my birthday. The number insinuates that I am old, but I do not feel old at all. Maybe my idea of time and age is incorrect. Maybe my expectations on what my years should have included differ from reality so much I do not […]