Hand Made

One time use alginate mould. You tear the alginate mould apart to get to your object. Also, as the water evaporates over time the mould shrinks if you succeed in keeping it intact. Success in the learning and not the result. 😉 Here I forgot to pour in just a little plaster at first, twist […]

Wooden Chair

In school we had a two week project on norm criticism. This chair is from the second and last week of that project when we were asked to go into something that, to us personally, caused friction, was disturbing and upsetting. It is a brutal ask, but we all dived in. It gave me a […]

Trash to Treasure

The other week at school we had our introduction course to the metal workshop. This is the trash bin and I was lucky to find it brimming with scraps. 🙂 The pictures of what I made down below is the result of me welding for the first time. It was difficult and now I better […]