Konstfack + Kung Saga

My class, first year Industrial Design BA, collaborated with another school named Kung Saga (King Saga 😉 ) on a project where we together designed “a container for liquid”. Each of us design a container specifically for another student at the Kung Saga school and they provided us with information about themselves, shared their daily routines, preferences and other important feedback, which all supported our design process.

To some, the student was their starting point but then they developed a design beyond that. To me, the student was my staring point and focus in every step. It was important to me that my product met a real need for the student.

To me, the project theme was safety and how to remain calm and secure in an ever changing environment. At times our surroundings and social environment can be turbulent and so become overwhelming. Some people’s reaction to over stimuli is extroverted, and for some it is introverted and we go into shut down mode. This is not optimal for our own health, nor is it very helpful in school where we are expected to be able to be attentive and focused. I wanted to help the student I designed for to not hit that wall.

The process contained many failures, and I am so happy one succeeded at last.
The final blob made of latex and filled with water.

The process was stressful because all I tried I had never done before (true to “Do what you can’t”). I had never worked with latex or any plastic whatsoever, or sewn anything as complex as a form fitted cover, which was my backup plan if the latex was unable to hold its own shape once removed from the clay blob underneath, which I did not know until three days before deadline. 😉

I made the shape out of prototype clay, then painted it in latex (we will learn how to make a mold in a few weeks time). I made numerous layers, added a thickener to it, and while the latest layer was drying I tried all Plan B’s I could come up with. All which failed. 🙂

Then I cut the latex open, sort of birthed the clay out of it, covered the inside with a plastic bag and filled another plastic bag with just the right amount of water and air, made a knot and covered the cut with a few more layers of latex. To make it more into a creature I made ears that I glued on with more latex. And so the blob was made.

Ambiguously Divided

I trotsålder mot allt jag tror på, har sagt att jag tror på, har tvingat mig själv att tro på, för det måste vara sant och jag behövde någonting att hålla i, hålla fast vid. Går emot varenda regel och princip. Säger att jag orkar inte mer, skitsamma och gå vidare. Men jag sätter ändå ett bäst-före-datum på den här perioden så att jag inte lämnar mig själv att driva helt fritt. Trots upproren i varje steg kan jag inte frigöra mig från mig själv. Och det stressar mig. Det stressar mig att jag inte släpper taget helt och att jag därför nu, sekund för sekund, färdas mot datumet, den dagen då jag ska återinföra regelverket om än omvärderat. Jag längtar tills den dagen kommer, när reglerna åter omfamnar mig, och vill inte alls att den dagen ska komma.


In an obstinate age against all I believe in, have said I believe in, have forced myself to believe in, because it has to be true and I needed something to hold on to, to stick with. Going against every rule and principle. Saying that I cannot take it anymore, whatever and move on. Nevertheless I put an expiration date on this phase so that I do not leave myself completely adrift. Despite the revolts in every step I cannot liberate myself from me. And it stresses me out. It stresses me out that I cannot let go fully and because of this I now, second by second, travel towards the date, the day when I restore the regulations albeit revalued. I long for the day to come, when the rules embrace me once more, and I don’t want it to at all.

On Change

I wrote this text in 2016 but did not know where to put it.

The first step to change is awareness. If you are not aware, how could you possibly know you want to or need to change something in your life or about yourself? It is impossible. Begin with taking some time to observe yourself. In each given moment you have the opportunity to do so. Notice your thoughts that appear, notice how they change, what kind of thoughts they are and notice how they make you feel. Notice what thoughts are the most common for you, listen to them, notice what they say, and maybe you can track them back in time to an event, an experience you previously had. Let the thoughts be in your mind. Don’t try to push them away or shut them out. Let them be where they are. As everything else they too shall pass.

When you have got a picture of the kind of inner dialogue you have with yourself begin to expand your awareness to how you feel during your days and how these different feelings affect you, and how they make you act. Notice your feelings and notice how they pull you in a certain direction. Notice your thoughts that trigger specific feelings, and how they make you act because of that.

Now, with more awareness you need to include clarity. Ask yourself how you want your inner dialogue to be and sound like, what person do you want to be for yourself, and what kind of inner dialoge would support you the best? Then ask yourself how you want to feel during your days, what your ideal state would be and how you, in different situations can choose to get closer to this state. Then look at your behaviors and actions, do you behave as you wish you did, do these behaviors represent the person you want to be and do they take you in the direction you want to go?

When you have started to ask yourself these kind of questions, started to think about who you are in your life and to yourself, and how you affect yourself then, if there is something you want to change, it will soon surface.

Altering Phases

Lately I have been so inspired and eager to try new makeup products, new brushes and palettes. Also, I have found that the most relaxing thing to do on a weeknight is to watch Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials (someone out there who’s with me?). 😉 Though I have reached a new level lately. Now I am longing for the weekend so that I can take one hour or so to just sit down and smudge products on my face to see what happens. It is just another form of painting, am I right? 🙂

Process of a Self Portrait

Time to time I paint self-portrait just to check in, to see where I am at, to take my own temperature. Before I begin I never know what to expect. That is the case every time I Do (meaning make, create, and so on) something. It is a complete surprise to me, which might be because I do not fully know what talent seeds (which is an upcoming text as well 😉 ) I inhibit.

The pictures of this painting are taken by the window where I painted it. This is why a shadow falls onto the lower part of the painting. Just so you know. 🙂