Metal Workshop at School

I miss this place so much. Before the Covid outbreak, after our introduction course to the metal workshop, I started a project I had had in mind for years but had been unable to go through with because I needed new skills and machines I did not have access to. Now this project is on hold. 🙁 I long to go back into the workshop, to finally get the welding right. The thing that I started to make is so cool, haha. 😀

House Renovation #3

In May we peeled the entire inside of the top floor; walls; ceiling and floor. We had previously discovered mold in the ceiling wood boards and in the insulation too. Also, the floor heating was laid out wrong and the floor boards did not have enough support. So we had to throw all that out too.

Many trips to the recycling station scheduled.
Old floor heating being removed on the top floor.
New insulation and improved support for the future floor on the top floor.
And more coffee.
Floor heating MDFs laid out on the top floor. View of future bedroom and next to it the office space about where the saw is placed in the picture.
Building site essentials.
Trying to pick a stone for the kitchen worktop. This is Swedish lime stones.
Swedish lime stone and paint color samples.
More paint color samples. Have I mentioned that I LOVE color? 😀
Well, yes. I just realized I have gotten a bit nerdy about color, but there is so so much more to learn. SO MUCH.
Adore the beiges that I have found. Here are some peach colors too.
Beige and grey. Adore these color samples and this store in Stockholm is AMAZING. The people working here are so knowledgable.
Got help from my sister to add paint paint color samples.
Entrance being torn down.
Step by step the walls go.
No more entrance.
New entrance.
New entrance with roof that we realized we did not like the shape of so this we need to redo later on.
Second entrance soon removed.
View from the kitchen towards the living room. Walls painted and electricity installed. Floor soon to be done and windows replaced.
The floor has been mended and now polished.
Polishing in process.
New floor in the bedroom on the first floor.
Walls painted in the bedroom on the first floor.
New ventilation system being installed on the top floor.

What I find weird with building is that while one space is getting closer to finished, more a home than a building site, another room is being torn down and as far away from habitable as can be. In one and the same space there are multiple things happening at the same time such as ceiling plastered, electricity drawn inside the walls, floor mended and kitchen modules build and put in place. As I have learnt this far it is not a linear process exactly. It is more like a nest of threads being unraveled to then finally and surprisingly come together into a whole. Of course there is a lot of planning that goes into it all, thinking ahead and having a vision of what it will look and feel like, be once it is done. But as beginners we make many mistakes, learn a lot and so things have to be redone and adjusted along the way. This is not the most efficient way to build of course. It costs to make mistakes or to divert from the initial plan, but this is how we learn. The goal is to make fewer mistakes with each project. 🙂


There are so many expressions that I adore and that I come back to again and again. Many times I feel guilty for letting one go for a while to be able to dive into the other.

Writing is my first love, yet I don’t share the vast majority of what I write. This is something that I approach little by little, trying out how it makes me feel to share my thoughts. Many times my writing is just that, me thinking. To lay out my thoughts line after line helps me understand and get perspective. In most cases my writing is so very private it belongs to me only. At the same time I know that what is unique to each and every one of us oftentimes is universal as well.

Photography is very close to my heart, but I have gone though a couple of years where I have taken very few pictures. My inner dialogue was awful and so pushed away my initial reaction “That is so beautiful, I need to capture it” and so I did not even try, which made me feel worse. Because every time I did not I lost something. That negative voice got right and grew stronger, so when I did try it said all bad things to me, trying to convince me it was not worth it. Now I am turning it around and I am rediscovering my archives. I am not as bad as my negative side convinced me I was.

Both writing and photography have been a way for me to immortalize reality, the beauty of every day to day life. Because life and the people I share it with are forever fleeting, changing, passing, passing away, I have desperately searched for ways to make them stay, last, be.

Drawing is a way to filter reality through myself, affect it and make it a mirror of myself and the current state that I am in. It is also a practice of learning how to translate a three dimensional reality into two dimensions on a sheet of paper. I adore the problems that occur, to focus on them for hours, to try to solve something as concrete as how to create a shadow transition or the direction of a line.

Painting is close to drawing. I adore oil paint as a material, how it changes texture over time, becomes thicker. Painting is composition and direction of shapes, it is colors interacting with each other, it is the subject chosen as well as the gesture of the brush strokes. What I also love about painting is that you don’t have to be good to do it. Every one has a different style, and no matter if you are good technique wise or not you can paint. It doesn’t matter what you paint or how you paint as long as you paint.

“(…) no matter if you are good technique wise or not you can paint. It doesn’t matter what you paint or how you paint as long as you paint.”

Now with my Industrial Design studies I am introduced to new mediums. I have been very analogue up until this point, and I don’t understand how I have escaped Photoshop all these years. It is an accomplishment in itself. 😉 Additionally, there is three dimensional modeling in Rhino and rendering in KeyShot, Illustrator and InDesign. Moreover, it is building things, learning machines and materials and a way of thinking on how to most efficiently achieve your desired result.

“(…) not choosing is causing more anxiety than choosing does.”

All mentioned above makes time disappear for me, which in my opinion is a sign that this is what you are destined to do. But the haunting thoughts that I have to choose, to spend more time on one thing to get really skilled at it, comes in and makes me go into a sort of panic. I know I need to prioritize and focus better. I need to know each role of these interests of mine. I need to be clear with myself. Because now the performance anxiety creeps in and takes over. It is paralyzing. I have been longing to paint for months, but it is already end of July and I have not started yet. I have been fixing around the house of course and that takes time. In my notebook I have a long list of projects I want to do but I don’t know if I should choose ‘should’-projects or ‘mere joy’-projects. I know I will grow from both, all will contribute to my path but I am scared to choose because I don’t want to waste time and regret my choices. But not choosing is causing more anxiety than choosing does. At times I get stuck in my mind and have difficulty to begin. I need to snap out of this.

Study Visit in South of Sweden

Since I study Industrial Design my class and I visited manufacturers in South of Sweden just before the Covid-19 outbreak to learn about manufacturing techniques, how they are applied and what materials are used.

Plastic blow molding factory:

In the same blow molding tool the factory could have two different kinds of plastic and so shape them together into one piece. Above is a handle to a saw.

Metal form press factory:

Powder coating factory:

This was the smallest factory we visited. I think they were about seven people working here together every day.

She put tape on every detail that was not supposed to get paint on it.

Metal foundry factory:

Anodizing factory:

Basic Chia Seed Pudding

This is how I start out every chia seed pudding. Time is of the essence. Preferably the chia seeds should soak overnight.

  • 2 dl of any nut milk, oat milk or rice milk
  • 3-4 tbsp chia seeds
3 tbsp chia seeds.
About 2 dl milk added.
Stirred together, and then let sit for an hour.
Mixed some more.
A bit more milk added to allow all chia seeds to soak and get jelly like.
All chia seeds have soaked. If you want your chia seed pudding to be thicker you don’t need to add as much milk as I do the second time.
Then it can be topped with any sweetener you like, fruits and berries. 🙂