Worth It

For me, it is difficult to allow myself rest. Oftentimes I feel like I can do more and work harder. My worry of not moving forward keeps me up at night. But hard work demands recharging and to push pause every now and again. To respect the rest is as much part of the effort as the days of getting things done and making things happen. To step back and receive the fruit of our effort is as important as putting in the effort itself. 

Soap Dish pt. 2

Below are two more soap dishes I made for the art and design school application in Spring 2019.

The problem with hard soap is that water makes it mushy and in that climate bacterial grows. Also, the change in consistency makes the soap run out more quickly.

I made this soap crane to make the soap dry efficiently in between uses and so that the leftover water drips down into the sink after use. As the soap is at the same height as your hands when in the running water the time the water is running down the drain not being used is decreased.

This is a soap hammock. 🙂

The idea is that the cotton thread and the surrounding air will help dry the soap in between uses.

The loop and the knot can be tied together so that you can turn the hammock into a body scrubbing patch and use the soap scraps to clean your body. This too extends the life span of the soap.

Tahini Turmeric Smoothie


  • 3 dl oat milk
  • 2 bananas
  • 1 dl frozen mango
  • 1 tbsp tahini
  • a generous dash of ground turmeric
  • 1 cm piece fresh ginger, peeled and chopped up
  • 1 tsp agave

Turmeric is one of the most powerful anti inflammatory spices we have. Ginger is also a good one. I make this smoothie when I feel that I need to give myself that extra help and boost to stay healthy. We need to be careful with how much turmeric we add to our smoothies (or soups!) because its taste can sometimes overpower everything else. Fresh turmeric can be hard to find, but ground turmeric is good as well. 🙂

Just Sip No Drip #1 & #2

I had a problem with milk stains on our stone worktop in the kitchen. When I poured milk into my coffee one drop of milk would travel down the milk jar onto the delicate stone to create a circle damaging the stone. The same with any surface really. How can I solve this?

Since I heat my milk the coffee cup becomes very warm itself and difficult to hold if it has no ears. Even if a cup has an ear I usually do not use it. I don’t like to put the entire weight of the cup on two of my fingers. To me it is not very comfy. 😉 Must a cup’s ear look like a traditional cup’s ear? How can I drink my coffee warm without burning my hand?

The problem and preference above created the framework for this project.

Stoneware clay.

These cups looked better than they felt in the hand. The uneven collar did not suit me at all. Also, I had succeeded in making the clay so thin that once both the coffee and the warmed milk was poured into them they were almost too hot to hold. I was not satisfied with glazing either. I got insecure and double dipped and this made the glaze so thick you cannot see the traces from the tools, which I like because it creates a much more tactile experience.

Stoneware clay.
Stoneware clay.
Stoneware clay.

For the reason mentioned above I made the collars even on the second iteration of cups. I made the cups a bit rounded in shape as well to feel better in the hand. I made the milk jar’s collar into a pouch just to see if I could minimize the collar and still succeed in making it catching the milk drops.

Stoneware clay.

Even when pouring milk more than once the collar and pouch collecting the first drop did not spill it out the second or third time. I call that a success. 🙂

Overall these two first iterations felt good, but they did not reach all the way for me, which is why I made a few more. Stay tuned. 😉

Sleepless Nights

När natten kommer och allt blir tyst, då det inte finns några distraktioner kvar, när lampan är släckt och ögonmasken på hör jag min puls mot kudden och känner hjärtslagen mot madrassen. Ljuden ökar i styrka tills de är allt jag är. När det enda jag vill är att somna snabbt går det inte.

Ibland är tankarna tydliga; det som hänt under dagen eller skulle kunna hända i morgon; konversationer jag haft eller skulle vilja ha; men ibland är det tomt och tyst. Tankarna är inte i då eller sen utan jag är här i väntan på sömnen som inte kommer eller snarare redan passerat.

Vänder mig och vänder mig om igen. Tumlar runt. En timme två timmar tre. Sovtåget har gått för länge sedan. Ge upp och ge efter.


When then night comes and all goes quiet, when there are no distractions left, when the light is switched off and the eye mask put on I hear my pulse in the pillow and I feel my heartbeat against the mattress. The sounds grow until they are all I am. When all I want is to fall asleep quickly it doesn’t happen.

Sometimes the thoughts are clear; what has happened during the day or what could happen tomorrow; conversations I have had or wish to have; but other times it is vacant and quiet. The thoughts are not in what has been or what could be but I am here awaiting the sleep that doesn’t come or that has already passed.

Turning and turning again. Tumble around. One hour two hours three. The sleep train has departed long ago. Give up and give in.