To Do, to make, to create anything is to attempt to solve a problem but always knowing I will never get there. Because there is a distance between the idea and reality, and the idea is one step ahead, always. There is something to change, alter, improve, to somehow be more authentic and articulated. Next […]

On Change

I wrote this text in 2016 but did not know where to put it. The first step to change is awareness. If you are not aware, how could you possibly know you want to or need to change something in your life or about yourself? It is impossible. Begin with taking some time to observe […]


The other day I realized that what constitutes our inner compass, gut feeling or intuition if you will, are our self-esteem and self-confidence in combination with self-regard and respect. Of course this is a simplified version, and there are so much more affecting us, but it’s a staring point and it got me thinking. πŸ™‚ […]

Work It Out pt. One

In my eyes, exercise is an excellent tool for learning to be comfortable with uncomfortable, to know when and how to push ourselves, and to have something that we can get better at (and competence grows confidence). By extension the behaviors we learn in the sweaty, and sometimes smelly, gym can spill over to other […]

The Line

This post is about the creative process of painting, which I think can be applied to most creative endeavors. The process of making art versus designing something is very different. With art you have a starting point but you don’t have a defined and specific end result, and the result is not the most important. […]