Some weekends the build is paused and I can have my coffee on the couch in quietness, zigzagging between paint buckets and plastic boxes of pantry items to get there. The impatience creeps up on me sometimes, but then I remind myself I do not have to produce or make anything during the weekend. The […]

The build has been so much lately. Suddenly there is a wave of decisions to make. For the floorplan and windows, for example, we got help from an architect. We changed some of his plans but it was still a safety to have his drawings. 🙂 Now a few aspects of the build are soon […]

Rediscovering taking pictures with my new camera. When I saw the fog this day I ran down to the water and stayed there for… I do not know how long, but until the dark arrived, and took pictures. Now, this camera makes me want to go places just to use it. 🙂

2020 truly was a traumatic year. Now in the new year, a shift from one day to the next, my mind is buzzing and emotions move through my body. At times I find myself angry, frustrated and stressed, and unable to put my finger on where those feelings come from. Then I remember what happened […]