To take the car to the bakery together, to be embraced by the wonderful scent of freshly baked goods and coffee, to listen to other people’s Saturdays treats and hangover cures, to watch the barista make espressos and the noice of milk being foamed, to watch the bakers behind the class wall put in another […]

Letter to Mum

Ta med dig någotFrån där du varitSå att jag vet att du var därOch att du är här nu,Tillbaka nu Berätta hur det var,Berätta vad du sågOch vad du kändeBerätta det som en sagaSå att det redan är fjärran Kom tillbaka från där du ärBerätta hur det var,Vad det hette och varför du forKom tillbak […]

Too little sleep in November, catching up in December. That rare afternoon sun. Disappearing across the water before the day has begun. Morning coffee at two. Inhaling the quiet, the dust in mid air. Telling myself not to care. A rower cuts the water, double image paired with the trees, now here and then gone. […]

Makeup has been something I don’t really care about up until recently when I truly needed the effect makeup can give. Because a truly good makeup, just as a pair of shoes, can change the way we carry ourselves, our attitude and mood. 😉 It all should come from the inside out, but at the […]

At an Angle

I take the car and drive, following the meandering road, to see where it takes me. Mind vacant. Music sometimes. Either I simply turn around and go back, or I end up at a pier watching the sun disappear. I don’t really know why I’m doing this, maybe just because it feels good that I […]

Respecting You

The other day I found drawings and paintings I made a couple of years ago. To go through them was a visit back to who I was then, a person who now felt as a distant stranger. They were uncomfortable to confront because they were truly PAINtings, made in a state of chaos and turmoil. […]