It has been a year since I started posting. To have a blog had been floating in the back of my mind for years. Previously I have had a blog or two but not been able to keep them afloat, to have continuity and not abandon what I started. This experience contributed to my recent […]

A Balancing Act

Hur mycket kan jag säga och vad kan jag säga innan jag går över gränsen till att det blir för nära, blottande på fel sätt, röjande, så att jag står kvar utan hud, genomskinlig? Balanserar ständigt mellan det personliga och privata, att vara genuin, förbli genuin men ändå bibehålla tryggt avstånd. Att möta någons blick […]

Side by Side

They argue with each other, the strict and the soft side, the obligations and the emotions collide. At present time the soft is only a whisper. But I can feel it changing, the weight shifting. The soft approaching, getting closer, and the strict finally backing down. Either or, all or nothing, tunnel vision and laser […]


There are so many expressions that I adore and that I come back to again and again. Many times I feel guilty for letting one go for a while to be able to dive into the other. Writing is my first love, yet I don’t share the vast majority of what I write. This is […]