I change the name of this stool for each iteration I make because I have not found one that resonates with me yet. Soon enough I will find one and the concept of the stool will become clear, making the object grounded, and a bit quirky. I like quirky. Now a new name just came […]

Time Pressure

For some reason, making this was straightforward for me. Or maybe it was not. The entire project started out with three weeks of pure anxiety. I could not fall asleep, I dreamed bad dreams every single night, and I either woke up from nightmares, stress dreams, or crying. It was not a good phase, but […]

House Renovation #15

The last couple of months have been exhausting. In September our heating system broke down. The new one we ordered was said to arrive at the end of November, then postponed to “Maybe before Christmas” and the “Probably in March”. This meant we moved back into the guest house once the work there was done. […]