The Workshop

Because of Covid, I have not spent much time in school during the past twelve months. This made me realize I need a workshop at home. Every maker needs a workshop. It has taken a while but now I have a proper workshop that is insulated, has electricity, and a window. The workshop will evolve […]

Planting Plans

I have never had a garden except for at my family’s countryside place but that has never been my responsibility to take care of, to sow, weed and water. At first, this seemed like too much to undertake since there have been so many other things going on the last couple of months and I […]

Zoom Drawing #2

This drawing is a portrait of Marie von Behrens. You find her here. It usually takes at least two drawings to make one drawing for me. Then, sometimes, I make more. 😉 I try to reach likeness but it doesn’t bother me if I do not get there. Sometimes I like the first drawing better […]

House Renovation #12

In April we continued the work on the house’s details inside. Skirting boards, window sills, and doors have been painted but are not completely done yet. The garage was finally converted and completed into a workshop for me, which has been the best gift. Now I need to learn from our carpenters as much as […]

Zoom Drawing #1

This is a drawing I made during Zoom lectures of Anastasia who is an old friend of mine. 🙂 You find her here. <3 I had not drawn in a very long time and suddenly I found myself inspired by her picture and I just began to draw. Oh, the joy of understanding shapes and […]