Trash to Treasure

The other week at school we had our introduction course to the metal workshop. This is the trash bin and I was lucky to find it brimming with scraps. 🙂 The pictures of what I made down below is the result of me welding for the first time. It was difficult and now I better […]

Trash Can Trash Can

I collected cans that had been run over in the streets for a few months and then made these two objects. It made me realize how many cans that actually don’t end up in the city’s trashcans. Also, I liked to make something out of waste, someone else’s trash, something that has no value and […]

First Apartment Renovation

All pictures are from the different real estate agents. Livingroom: Kitchen: Bedroom: We changed the apartments planning from scratch, which was very difficult with no previous experience and no architect involved. I did know nothing. Not how a wall is build and what segments it is made up of or what angle water pipes need […]