2020 truly was a traumatic year. Now in the new year, a shift from one day to the next, my mind is buzzing and emotions move through my body. At times I find myself angry, frustrated and stressed, and unable to put my finger on where those feelings come from. Then I remember what happened […]

Pipe Dreaming

Recalling that feeling of being in motion, having a mission that pulls you forward, that pulse it gives you, that rhythm in your step, and direction. The excitement of things to come, the adventure ahead, and as you move the energy increase. The idea is almost sweeter than reality. All that has been dreamed up […]

Time is weird. Age is too. I just realized today is my birthday. The number insinuates that I am old, but I do not feel old at all. Maybe my idea of time and age is incorrect. Maybe my expectations on what my years should have included differ from reality so much I do not […]