In Vainity

This has been my makeup situation for a good while, for too long to be honest. I have moved this chair around to get the best daylight for when I am doing my makeup and then I try to balance my mirror piled on top of books and other things I find. It has not been working very well. I get no overview of my products, brushes go everywhere and I have nowhere to put palettes and other products while I use them. My solution? A portable vanity.

Here is my first sketch of what I had in mind, a vanity on wheeles.
I placed my new brush jars and storage boxes I got from Muji. I love Muji.
Here I test heights on the two top shelves in relation to the floor.
I cut all the pieces using only my jigsaw, which was a big accomplishment. Jigsaws are tricky to cut straight with.
This is the method I used for making straight cuts with my jigsaw. I used this MDF board that I knew was completely straight as a ruler.
First I made a line where I liked the cut, then I made a line for the MDF ruler. The space between the two lines are the metal piece surrounding the saw blade.
I have my own system of signs for telling me what is up and down, the outer and inner parts of a material.
As I tried out the height of the two top shelves once I had all pieces in place, I realized that the larger makeup products did not fit underneath the small shelf.
So I cut the sides lower and lowered the shelf down a few centimeters.
It took a good while to get all pieces glued together and just right, meaning straight in relation to each other.
I made a new sketch. Here thinking about an arm that would hold a mirror for me that I could adjust height and angle of.
All holed filled.
Then I started the work on the mirror arm. 🙂
Testing out the mirror arm before going ahead.
Bought screws and tested once more.
Decided how I wanted to round the corners.
Sanding them together to get them the same radiuses on all the pieces.
Making the part I would attach the mirror to.
Gluing it together with one of the arm parts inserted to get the spacing right.
Mirror arm!
Attaching wheels. Putting tape on the drill to know how deep I should drill. Here determined by the wheels of course.
Testing placement of arm.
Furniture piece painted and testing another spot for the arm.
Painting all the parts.
Attaching the parts that would hold the arm.
Painting like the fifth layer of grey beige paint. Adore this color.
Gluing the mirror onto the plate held by the arm.

And here she is! My very own In Vainity!

Handles added so that it can be dragged to either side and even lifted.
Handle this!
Here you can see all the bits that make up the arm. I added extra screws on the top shelf that goes into the small parts holding the first arm piece. I am sure it would be fine without, but this just felt better.
Look at her! 😀
She is just perfect.

She is now my everyday companion. I adore her!