I change the name of this stool for each iteration I make because I have not found one that resonates with me yet. Soon enough I will find one and the concept of the stool will become clear, making the object grounded, and a bit quirky. I like quirky.

Now a new name just came to me. It might be it, might. 😉

Keep It Together

Varnish tests, one and two layers of each hue.
Brought them to school.

Then I bought a large piece of high quality plywood at school.

It turned out so much more beautiful than I expected.
Bought high-quality plywood at school.

First time CNC for me! 😀 I got help from the workshop teacher to do all the settings necessary for the CNC and then pressed play. 🙂

I bought a small Japanese saw to be able to cut out each piece.

The seat detached from the plywood skeleton with the Japanese saw. Now corners need to be cut out.

In order to make nice, tidy cuts in plywood I have learnt that you can first cut the top layer with a knife to lose the tension in the material and so decrease the risk of flaky edges.

All corners had to be cut out since the tool of the CNC cannot make such small radiuses.
Oh the tremendous joy to realize I set the tolerance right! 😀
Where I started and where I have gotten until now.

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