Time Pressure

For some reason, making this was straightforward for me. Or maybe it was not. The entire project started out with three weeks of pure anxiety. I could not fall asleep, I dreamed bad dreams every single night, and I either woke up from nightmares, stress dreams, or crying. It was not a good phase, but making the objects I then made truly saved me. I forced myself out of bed for them. They needed me, and I needed to make them.

My question was, how can I communicate this feeling that I carry around with me everywhere I go? The claustrophobic, ever fleeting, disappearing time and life? The stress and the rush, the always being just behind, not fast enough, not productive enough. Can I translate my feeling into something else, that in turn would get across to another person?

Is it time pressure? Who is been squashed by it? How and by what?

A quick sketch of the feeling.
The stones, chains and plywood are glued together.

Sometimes things just fall into place, it is like the world is helping you move forward. It was easy to cut the plywood at school. I found the stones, just the right size and shape, in my own kitchen garden, and in my workshop, I found the chain. Then I had to go buy another chain and many small other metal details but that is just part of the process, part of the fun.

I knew it had to be black.

This is a varnish that the wood soaks up so nicely and you can still see the wood grain. It is water-based and goes into the wood rather than staying on top of it. I adore this varnish.

Next side.

I knew that nothing could be to please, to be nice. No edges are softened.

First quick mockup of the pieces that hold the stones, but I realized they took up too much attention. They were not right.

Could this be a Time Pressure?

It hurts to wear a Time Pressure. It is difficult to walk around with it. It is difficult to balance because the stones are uneven in weight and if you walk too fast they become pendulums hitting you on each side step by step. You have to bow down not to drop it and hold it in place with both your hands. Walking around with a Time Pressure demands all your attention and effort. Once you have taken it off it hurts for days.

Here you can see the wooden plates I made as soles for the stones. I have attached four hoops around them and attached the chains to them.

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