Stable Together

Trying out handles. Making another draft. What’s the risk?
Old, first version in wood chipboard.

Handle tryouts and a new seat in the making.
New seat. Draw, drill, jigsaw, sand.
Does not fit just yet.
Old version and new version.

Because I made the handle soft in shape to fit the hand and not hurt, I realized and with feedback from friends as well, that I had to rethink the stool’s overall shape as well.

Seat adjusted and four different legs cut out.

I just took the shapes from the handle to make out the shapes of the legs, just scaled a bit of course, and done by hand and not in Rhino yet.

Enough with prototyping and testing. Let’s do this in Rhino and then mill it out with a CNC. 🙂 That post is coming soon! 😀

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