Train Bistro School Project

During this school course, three students from the Industrial Design program were grouped together with three students from the Interior Architect program, and together we were assigned to redesign the bistro on Sweden’s largest train company’s bistro coach. We had meetings with them and they were very excited and helpful. They sent us a CAD file of the coach with ventilation, electricity, and plumbing as well as doors and windows, which we could move around to some extent. Then we could fill the train with whatever we found suitable. 🙂

What would the train bistro be, feel and look like in 2030?

What is special about train travel?

  • You see the passing landscape
  • You stop briefly at different destinations
  • You travel together with other people in a limited space
  • You travel daytime as well as nighttime
  • You experience the movement of the train
Sketches on ideas I had about a food heating cabinet.
Tables where you can store the tray you collected the food with. Packaging for warm food.
Furniture that doubles as seating and on its back are tables. Tables where the tray becomes an extension of the table. Lighting that travels with you through the coach and spacing of small tables along the walls of the train.

Here follows a selection of pictures from the rendered bistro coach. The rendering is made by a girl in my group, and each group member has contributed with 3D models that are put together to make up the entire train interior. I made tables and a ceiling lamp.

In this shot, you can see the tables that you can put your food tray on. The table has small elevations that hold the tray in place. You can also store your laptop or a book inside the table to give room to the tray.

In the shot above you can see the lamp that I made as well that snakes its way throughout the coach and doubles as a railing from time to time.

Here is an image of the ‘quick area’ of the bistro. The seating, that another girl in my group CADed, has storage in the back, which I thought was clever.

We thought this cabinet could store food and get refilled at each train station. This way you get the local flavors inside the train. It would heat meals on request. It also functions as a room divider, a partition for the quick visitors and the guests who want to sit down for longer and enjoy their meal and the views. Then you do not interfere with each other’s spaces.

Our exhibition at school.
Skylights, two different kinds of seating, the food cabinet.

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