House Renovation #14

In June we had our builder Kristoffer over. He is the best. All you find difficult is easy for him somehow. 🙂

In July we started to check off our own to-do list. We did that work that is not really visible but still makes a big difference. Such as painting skirting boards, doors, and windows around the house.

In August we did not do much house-related work at all. 🙂

I have noticed how draining it can be to see all those details that need to get done all the time and I have felt guilty about the house. Every time I enter a room the long to-do list goes off in my mind. These final touches are no emergencies, which is why I can push them into the future in the first place. To work on other projects, get school assignments done, or get the rest needed for the upcoming week have been prioritized before finalizing and doing the touch-ups around the house. I know that when I start to get to these details, even the smallest step forward will be so rewarding.

Kristoffer changing our water supply thingy.
Old and nasty water supply pump.
Kristoffer made sure to adjust the placements of our ceiling lamps.
We started to paint the last skirting boards.
We got a went for the kitchen fan!
The final white window.
The final window is now red! It took me three days I think. 🙂
Space bars are painted white on the inside. One window of many many.
The first kitchen door in place.
Master bathroom with shower and steam room in one.
A shelf for shower things.
Swedish limestone.
We decided to put the stone in the vertical direction and I am so so happy about this decision.

This bathroom has taken a long long time to tile with limestone. In part because limestone is a fragile stone and because the bathroom has so many corners. Corners are a lot of work because you need to make sure the stones meet each other perfectly. You have the cut the fragile stone in 45° angles and make sure you space them to get the sealant in as well. We are so lucky to be working with the most careful tiler who also has such an aesthetic eye. 🙂 It might take many many hours, but the result is fantastic. I will show you in the next renovation post. 😉

The house with red windows. We must redo the terrace of course, but it has to wait.