Animal Abstraction

This school project has taken some time for me to complete and since I have done it remotely it has been tricky. The teachers did not give me much guidance, they Zoomed with me twice for ten minutes each time while the students who were in school got help a few hours a day five times a week for a full month… I can see that the limited help inhibited my progress. I mean, since I am a student I need support and guidance to learn and progress.

Anyway, I managed to get somewhere with this.

The assignment was to choose an animal, find its signature shape and movement, extract that and add it to a product. I picked the Red panda and then chose to make a lamp out of it.

Worked in our living room while the renovation went on around me.
Stance. Shoulders to paws.
Standing and rotating.
Standing and rotating.
Two part shapes. Standing and rotating simplified.
Final prototype. I call it Study Buddy.

I am not satisfied with the outcome of this course, and it taught me how important it can be with guidance and support. I did not get it during this course and now I know I must ask for what I need.