Zoom Drawing #1

This is a drawing I made during Zoom lectures of Anastasia who is an old friend of mine. 🙂 You find her here. <3 I had not drawn in a very long time and suddenly I found myself inspired by her picture and I just began to draw. Oh, the joy of understanding shapes and lines!

Drawing half way done.
Drawing done.

I have used a simple ballpoint pen to do the majority of this drawing. I love ballpoint pens that have a good roll to them. The ones you get at hotels seem to be the best ones. 😉 Then I went in and did the surroundings of her in ProMarkers Cold Grey 1 and 4 and black. For highlights, I used Posca in white, and then to intensify some of the lines I used a black ballpoint pen from Pilot with that kind of ink you see rolls back and forth inside the pen. 🙂 For some reason, I draw in greyscale and paint in color. I do not know why I have made this divide. 🙂

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