Bookcase From Start To Finish

For the bottom cabinets we used Ikea modules. There are a number of different companies that make custom-made cabinet doors for Ikea modules. We have done so throughout the entire house on both Ikea modules and on wardrobes that we have made ourselves. This enables us to have the same cabinet door throughout the house, getting a cohesive look, and choose whichever paint color we want and so make each room special.

One of many initial sketches.
Me very happy about the bookcase.

There are a few details, that you cannot see in the picture, that I want to fix. Just some tiny touch-ups that will make the bookcase complete and crisp. 🙂

I am so happy we had a good carpenter for this job. He came up with solutions I could not think of since I am a beginner. He did such a good job with the weird angles of the ceiling and he managed to make the shelves with no apparent boards for support. It turned out better than I had hoped for.

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